Propane ExplosionAs noted on the disclaimer page, this is a privately owned and maintained website, not officially affiliated with Townshend, Vermont. If one has reasonable suggestions, corrections, or finds a bad link, please feel free to email such at any time. Complaining about anything related to the Town of Townshend will simply get you nowhere at all.

Potential advertisers are always welcome. Business listings, in progress, are restricted to Windham County only or those who operate within the area but have base locations outside of Windham County.

The picture on the left is real and shows what can happen if there is a propane leak. No person was injured, something we are all thankful for.

In addition to the website, there is an email distribution list that is used to send out fleeting information that will not be found here as it is a complete waste of time to constantly update pages with information that is relevant for a day or so only. Like the website, there are no promises that every little piece of information will be distributed, that is really a full time job. But, anyone may request to be on the list, or off the list. Simply send an email and note that you wish to be on (or off) the email list for Townshend, Vermont. Note that email addresses that bounce back, for any reason, will be removed at once.

Email Me but put something like “Townshend VT” in the subject line or your email may get trashed.


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Photo courtesy Steven Meyer